Book Browsing Friday

Hey Starlight-Readers! I’m thinking about starting a new little “segment” within this blog, which will pretty much consist of me browsing Goodreads and finding a few new books to put on my TBR list… and maybe on your list as well! Without further ado, let’s jump right into Book Browsing Friday! 1. Push Me, Pull Me... Continue Reading →

Finding Time To Read

Life can get quite hectic at times, and it can be especially difficult to find time to sit back and read. Luckily, I have a few tips on how you can still find time to read a few pages of that novel that’s been on your TBR list for ages! 1. Read during your breaks... Continue Reading →

Burnt Out on Books?

I think it happens to the best of us. One second, we’re reading every book in a particular genre… and the next second, you simply can’t. This is exactly what happened to me and Dystopian Books. For the longest time, I claimed Dystopia to be my favorite genre. I lived, breathed, and most importantly, read Dystopia novels,... Continue Reading →

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