Top 5 Wednesday: Exclusive Book Covers

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! Today, I came up with my own prompt, “Top 5 Favorite Exclusive Book Covers!” These days, it’s not uncommon for a highly anticipated book to get an exclusive cover or reversible dust jacket, usually from bookstores like Barnes and Noble, or from subscription boxes like Owlcrate. Here are 5 of my all time favorite exclusive covers!

Grace And Fury (Owlcrate Edition)

This gorgeous cover was included in the August 2018 Owlcrate, which was actually my first one. The exclusive cover, which I liked far more than the original, was a big deciding factor for me. To this day, it’s probably my favorite Owlcrate cover change, since it was so vastly different!

Girls of Paper and Fire (Fairyloot Edition)

I think that I squealed when I saw the cover for the Fairyloot Edition of Girls of Paper and Fire! The rainbow cover (along with the hot pink sprayed edges) transformed the already breathtaking original cover into something a lot more fun and whimsical! Be warned though; this book deals with some dark themes.

The Hazel Wood (Owlcrate Edition)

Photo via my bookstagram, @Starlight.reads

While I usually prefer drastic cover changes, I really love the change in this cover of the Hazel Wood. (The cover image on Goodreads didn’t look very nice, so I used my own photo.) In my opinion, the green background works better than the original black, and gives it a more whimsical forest vibe.

The Cruel Prince (Owlcrate and B&N Exclusive Edition)

36511768. sy475
Barnes and Noble Edition
38104666. sy475
Owlcrate Edition

I simply could not choose which of these two exclusive versions I preferred, so I thought I’d share both! The Owlcrate version is obviously quite different, with dark purple and black hues surrounding an ominous throne, but there’s something quite classy and striking about the B&N version. I’m glad that I own all three editions!

Wicked Saints (Owlcrate Edition)

The moment Owlcrate announced their April 2019 theme, which would include a “deliciously dark exclusive edition” of their April book, I knew I had to order it. I had a strong feeling that Wicked Saints would be included and this is basically what I imagined the cover looking like!

That’s it for this top ten Wednesday! I realize that most of my picks come from Owlcrate, but that’s because that’s where most of my exclusive covers have come from. I definitely want to branch out and try out other boxes and companies that create exclusive covers!

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