Review: Book Love by Debbie Tung


Date Started: 10/23/18

Date Finished: 10/25/18

Publication Date: 1/1/2019

Genre: Comics/Graphic Novel

Rating: 5/5



Book lovers rejoice! At long last, there’s a book that’s made for us. A book about TBR piles, unplanned excursions to the local bookstore, and that hypnotic scent of an old book.

Debbie Tung proves herself to be a fellow bibliophile in this collection of short comics. Each one could stand on its own, posted on social media or a webcomic site, but they also work quite well together as a group. You can binge it all in one sitting, or spread it out over time. No matter what, you’re bound to get hit with some relatable jokes and content. The magical joy of reading really shines through in this book, which will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

I’m sure that anyone could enjoy this book, including people who don’t really “get” reading, but the intended audience is definitely the readers in the world, like myself, who will relate to every scenario. It’s such a wholesome experience to read something that was written for a person like you.

The art style here is simple, which I like. Everything you need to know for a scene is there, and not much else. I appreciate the simplicity, since it doesn’t detract from the message of each comic.

There’s not much more I can say here! If you like short, sweet comics (usually only 4 panels) about being a book lover, this is definitely something you should pick up in early 2019! I highly recommend it, and I can’t wait to pick up a physical copy for myself and some of my other bibliophile friends!

I’ll end my review with one of my favorite comics from the book:


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Review: Loading Penguin Hugs by Jacqueline Chen


Date Started: 11/6/18

Date Finished: 11/6/18

Publication Date: 11/13/18

Genre: Comics

Rating: 4/5



If you’ve spend any time on the internet, chances are you’ve come across this cute little comic:


Well, if you like cute, inspirational comics like this, there are plenty more in this book from the same artist, Jacqueline Chen. They’re all inspirational, positive, and heartwarming, perfect for when you’ve had a rough day or just need something feel-good in your life.

As I was reading through this collection of images and comics, I found myself constantly bookmarking some pages, because a lot of these are relevant to either myself or to close friends. They’re perfect for showing to others.

The one thing you should consider while reading this is that this isn’t the sort of book you should read through all at once. Things can feel a bit repetitive or in-genuine if you do. Just take it in small sections, maybe just a page or so at a time. I’m taking away one star for this. As much as I love the comics and graphics in the book, they stand better on their own rather than as a cohesive collection. In some ways, they might be better on a website rather than a book.

Nevertheless, this is still quite the wholesome read, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves cute gift books full of heartwarming, encouraging comics! You can pick up your own copy next week on 11/13!


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Unboxing: Fairyloot – October 2018 – Beautiful Deceptions

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last done an unboxing on my blog (or posted in general, tbh!) October was incredibly hectic and full of unexpected events, but I’m back now, with my first ever Fairyloot box. I’ve had my eye on this company for a while, but the shipping from the UK was always too pricey too justify getting it. This month, after seeing the vendor, item, and book hints, I just had to take the plunge and splurge. I’m so glad I did, because this box is absolutely amazing, and was totally worth the money. Here’s my unboxing!

45501805_721249208209990_8057186165704359936_n.jpgGrisha Trilogy Pins: I haven’t gotten around to reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy yet, but I plan to! The whole trilogy is just waiting to be read on my desk. When I do get around to reading it, I’m sure I’ll love these pins, and I’ll probably put them on one of my tote bags or my pin board. This was actually a bonus item in the box!


Keychain: This keychain is absolutely gorgeous! The quote really speaks to me as a writer. It’s inspired by The Winner’s Curse, which I haven’t heard too much about lately. Still, it’s a gorgeous item, and I love it too much to put it with my actual keys, where it would only get beat up!

45389558_313465179251209_4442725088789266432_n.jpgSocks: These socks are inspired by Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, which I’m actually currently reading! I always love a new pair of socks, especially fun ones like these, so I’m really pleased with this item.


Candle: Okay, it seems like everyone but me is obsessed with Throne of Glass right now, thanks to Kingdom of Ash’s recent release. I’ve only read the first book, so I’m not even sure who Aelin is, but this candle smells absolutely divine and even has blue glitter around the wick. It’s my first ever bookish candle, so I’m very excited to have this!

45379092_348623772349955_1315543041041235968_n.jpgPlaying Cards: These cards are inspired by The Cruel Prince, which is another one of those super hyped up books that I haven’t read yet, even though I have a tin and pillowcase inspired by the book. They’re really pretty though, and I’m glad to have another piece of The Cruel Prince merch, since all of the items I’ve gotten have been breathtakingly gorgeous! These cards are almost too pretty to use! (I probably won’t use them, but they’ll make for great 45413307_304389923621959_6954262383980183552_n.jpgphoto props!)

Six of Crows Beanie: I knew that I’d be getting a beanie in this month’s box, but I didn’t know it would be for Six of Crows! I had to read Six of Crows for a school assignment, and while I didn’t love it the first (forced) read through, it really grew on me when I gave it a second chance a few weeks later. I’m super excited for the weather to get cold so I can wear this!

45361725_317436752313945_5127340530719522816_n.jpgTea: I’ll admit that I’m not much of a tea drinker. Most tea makes me gag or just doesn’t taste right to me. Still, I interested in this tea. Hot drinks and books go well together, so I’ll try to get one of my tea obsessed friends to help me make this properly! It’s inspired by our book of the month, which I’ll get to next!

45524587_697585580625963_5439975207399849984_n.jpgGirls of Paper and Fire: Isn’t the exclusive cover GORGEOUS? Also, the sprayed edges are a vibrant, beautiful pink. I’ve been seeing this book all over Goodreads and Bookstagram, so as soon as I figured out that Fairyloot was doing this book for their October box (I think a lot of boxes are doing this as a November box book) I just had to jump at the chance, and I’m not disappointed at all. I can’t wait to dive in and read this story. I also appreciate that the book came in a little drawstring pouch to help it stay safe. It’s the perfect size for a book, and while it’s not padded like a booksleeve, it can definitely serve as one in a pinch!

45502861_1897848616919640_4912610363695955968_n.jpgSpoiler Card, Art Print, Bookmarks, and Extras: In addition to everything mentioned above, there’s still the spoiler card, which has gorgeous art on the front, as well as the author’s note, which has different art on it! In the Fairyscoop booklet, you can read an author interview, which is always fun! Also there’s a post card with the original cover of the book, and a bookmark with the same spoiler card art. This box also included two bonus bookmarks for Sawkill Girls and The Poppy War. 

That’s it for the October Fairyloot box! It was packed with useful items, and completely blew my expectations for this box! There were way more items than I expected! I’m not sure when I can get another one, since the shipping is pricey to the US, but when the time comes, I would gladly buy another box!

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