Review: Med Head by James Patterson and Hal Friedman


Synopsis: How it FEELS to have a body that won’t stop moving, to be really different from everyone else, to be made fun of every day, to be totally reckless, to never relax, to be shut out of everything, to break FREE and TAKE CONTROL.

James Patterson’s Against Medical Advice riveted adults with the page-turning drama of one teenager’s courage, sacrifice, and triumph in confronting an agonizing medical condition. Now this deeply personal account of Cory Friedman’s intense struggles with Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder–as well as depression, anxiety, and alcohol addiction–is available for teen readers. 

Date Finished: 7-20-15

Thoughts, and Would I recommend? Yes.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who suffers with OCD or Tourette’s, as it features a heartwarming, yet also difficult uphill battle, which might inspire the reader. Also, anyone with an interest in mental illnesses or simply in touching stories with flawed, yet courageous heroes would most likely enjoy this book. Fans of Ellen Hopkin’s Crank or Impulse novels would likely enjoy this book very much.

The story is broken up into short chapters, which makes an excellent read for a long commute, or simply for a busy person who needs to read in small chunks. So chapters are only 2 pages long, with longer ones between 3 and 7. It’s easy to get through this book, and you’ll feel like you’re making a lot of progress as you flip pages. I really liked this book, as you see not only Cory’s good side and happy memories, but his low points as well. It’s quite inspiring, and the end of the book features interviews and family photos as extras, which is an added bonus, and really solidifies the fact that Med Head is a true story, and that Cory really did overcome many of his struggles. 🙂

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